Advanced Scholastic Trainer FAQs

ACBAA will accept continuing education hours from Advanced Scholastic Trainers for advanced science courses if the course consists of content that goes beyond the CSL Therapy Scope of Practice, but aids in understanding systems of the body or human behavior more in depth. Participation and continuing education hours awarded for completion of the above-mentioned course are intended for the advanced development and understanding in interdisciplinary practices. CSL therapists are always responsible for practicing within their professional Scope of Practice (as defined by each CSL Therapy Org),. Advanced Scholastic Trainers teaching these courses shall include a statement that all attendees must check their professional Scope of Practice, prior to using information from the course.

To update an existing approved course:

Login to your Approved Provider account at

Locate the “Updates to an Existing Course Form”

Select type of update:

  • Free course changes
  • Course title change
  • Course category change
  • Course agency change


All other changes (listed as follows) will incur a $25 fee:

  • Increasing or decreasing the number of CEUs
  • Adding secondary course titles
  • Combining multiple course titles
  • Adding a course format


Provide required information and submit
Please allow 45-60 days for processing. You can view the status of all your applications by logging into your account and clicking on “Applications History” from the Dashboard.

Please Note: Attendees arriving late or not attending the full course SHOULD NOT be given certificates for partial credit. Advanced Scholastic Trainer are expected to have written policies that address the attendance requirements for their Live and Distance Learning/Webinar classes.

ACBAA will only accept certificates with course title, format, and corresponding CEU hours exactly as ACBAA approved. Incorrect CEU certificates will be rejected by ACBAA and may also be rejected by state regulatory boards.

ACBAA will refer individuals back to the Advanced Scholastic Trainer for incorrect CEU certificates.

Home Study course guidelines can be found in the Advanced Scholastic Trainer Handbook
Live Courses & Distant Learning course guidelines can be found in the Advanced Scholastic Trainer Handbook

Continuing education units (CEUs): CEUs are calculated based on the content presented in a course. Advanced Scholastic Trainers must provide documentation to support assignment of CEU hours when courses are submitted for approval. All CEUs must be clearly documented for participants prior to purchasing a course. CEUs awarded must be in whole or half hour increments only.

Face to face course:

  • CEUs for face-to-face education experiences should match the number of hours of instructions based on a 50-minute hour.
  • CEUs are not awarded for breaks lasting more than 15 minutes.


Home study courses:

Below are minimal criteria used for assigning CEUs to home study courses:

12,000 words read equals 1 CEU

  • One hour of video or audio equals 1 CEU
  • Providers may document additional CEUs for course work beyond the word count (i.e. reflective assignments, additional reading).
  • No additional CEUs may be given beyond those approved unless the course is re-submitted for approval


Advanced Scholastic Trainers may also work with an instructional designer to determine CEU hours.

Courses may only educate about the use of a product type, but may not promote a brand. For example, courses may be written about fajas but cannot include the best faja brands; they may instead discuss what makes a great faja, or aspects that make a good faja company.
A continuing education teacher that has been preapproved to meet the qualifications of CSL Therapy courses in accuracy, quality, and assessment ability. Only preapproved AST providers may submit CSL Therapy courses.

To submit an application is $325. Once approved, a foundational course is $500 to submit; a supplemental course is $75 as an individual, and $200 to submit if you’re an organization. Course resubmissions (should your course be rejected) is $100.

Foundational Courses

  1. Modalities, techniques, manual forces
  2. Applied Science
  3. Plastic surgery procedures


Supplemental Courses

  1. Professional Communication
  2. Professionalism & Ethics
  3. Laws and Business Practices

Continuing education is an important aspect of lifelong learning and personal and professional development. The purpose of CSL continuing education is generally done to:

Update and enhance skills: Continuing education provides opportunities to learn new PostOp & Body Contouring skills and stay current with the latest advancements and developments in CSL Therapy.

Career advancement: Continuously improve their anatomical knowledge and skills to maintain their certifications, licenses, or accreditations.

Personal growth and development: Learning new skills and gaining knowledge can help individuals expand their personal interests, broaden their perspectives, and increase their overall Body Altering Aesthetic knowledge and understanding of the world.

Professional networking: Continuing education programs provide opportunities to network with other professionals, exchange ideas, and collaborate on CSL Therapy projects.

Fulfillment of educational or professional requirements: As the CSL Therapy industry grows, licensure requirements will become more widespread

Fill out the online AST renewal form and pay the renewal fee every 2 years
ACBAA Advanced Scholastic Trainer speaks volumes. An AST is an educator that cares more about protecting and growing the industry with ethics and sound values over self greed. They appreciate being apart of a credible organization focused on public health and high body altering beauty professional standards.

Every course you submit will be approved as a volume edition. Should you choose to update a course volume, adding more information that you would like students to know has been peer reviewed, the fee for this is only $25.

Every course you submit will be reviewed. Should your course be denied, you may not resubmit it. If your course is rejected, make the identified necessary changes and resubmit. Resubmitted fees are $100.