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What is the bridge program?

The Bridge Program under the Dania Placencia Act (DPA) is a Body Altering Aesthetics professional unifying plan whose mission is to break the cycle of misinformation, confusion and avoidable industry complications. It’s a connection of resources, benefits, connections, and solutions for healthcare providers all moving through the Body Altering Aesthetics industry.

The Bridge Program does this by providing research studies, educational solutions, client supplemental support in the form of consultations and advocacy, as well as networking along industry leaders in an effort to link patients to the best resources in our community.


Gaps that we bridge

We bridge the gaps between the following audiences of the Body Altering Aesthetics industry:

Between Surgeons & Clients

Provides client supplemental educational resources, creating networking opportunities for surgeons to better support client journeys, fostering effective communication and trust-building.

Between Client & Provider

Serves as a vital connection between clients + providers, linking them to a network of trusted professionals. This bridged connection yields referrals to CSL specialists with accurate client information.

Between Provider & Surgeons

Facilitates networking, knowledge sharing, & collaboration, while also providing access to research studies + educational resources that strengthen medical bonds through evidence-based practices.

Problems solved by
the Bridge Program

The Bridge Program solves a lot of problems that exist in the gaps between audiences. By joining the efforts of the CSL Therapy Organization, not only do you improve your own practice, you help make our corner of the healthcare industry safer. 


Issues of misinformation, underprepared clients, and opportunities for healthcare providers as a whole to better service the general public, reducing liability.


Surgeons backed by CSL Therapy regulatory board + ACBAA Council, as well as post operative resources for their clients, no matter the state the client lives in.


Clients are better prepared for their procedures physically and mentally with more realistic expectations.


Clients are able to connect with certified providers and specialists to address their concerns each step along their journey.

Benefits of the Bridge Program for professionals

Access to Data

Access to relevant research studies and data analysis in the field of Body Altering Aesthetics

CE & Classes

CE opportunities, workshops, seminars, & webinars on advanced surgical techniques, safety protocols, & patient management.

Client Resources

Personalized client consults & support services: pre-op + post-operative counseling, educational materials, and resources.

Legal Support

FREE legal support, partnerships & discounts with insurance providers, and advocacy services.


You will be added to our Preferred provider referral network.

Surgeon Resources

Access to a comprehensive directory of trusted resources- medical suppliers, surgical equipment vendors, imaging centers, anesthesiologists, & rehabilitation facilities.


Marketing and branding assistance to help healthcare professionals promote their practice and services effectively.

Real time updates

Updates on industry trends, regulatory changes, and emerging technologies.

How You Can Help: Connect with the “Bridge Program”

What You Receive Today for Your Support:

  • Assigned a CSL Therapist to offer free virtual consultations to your clients, pre and post surgery.
  • PostOp instructions to give to clients.
  • Become one of our preferred state surgeons for recommendations and referrals.
  • Access to CSL Bridge Program Resource Directory 

What We Need from You:

  • We are asking for your support and awareness as we spread safe best professional practices, kindness, and much needed progressive healthcare to the Body Altering Aesthetics industry.

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