What are requirements and credentials to teach?

To teach a course within CSL Therapy, professionals must have a level of experience within their desired educational fields of interest.

“Everyone is welcome. Inspiration, education, and innovation comes from everywhere. The only true source of knowledge… is experience.”

– Albert Einstein

While we do welcome everyone— as every person has a level of experience to them that may contribute to filling the library and the Body Altering Aesthetics industry databank of courses, there are checks and balances among our professionals.

There are Primary and Secondary requirements to teach courses within the Body Altering Aesthetics industry.

There are THREE types of courses an educator may submit for accrediting: Foundational, Supplemental, CORE. Not every educator needs to have the same level of requirements to teach CORE or Supplemental courses as they do to teach Foundational courses. Should an educator opt to teach Foundational Courses (ie. “How to do PostOp” or “Intro to Body Contouring”) they need to meet CSL Therapy AST Program ACBAA approved Secondary Requirements for the Body Altering Aesthetics industry.

Pain should have a purpose. “Turn your wounds into wisdom.” – Oprah Winfrey

Should you have a story to tell, experience to give, lessons learned from over the years no matter how big or how small, we want to build a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise– with guidance from the best professional practices that this industry has to provide… come add to the foundation of the Body Altering Aesthetics industry and contribute to building a legacy:

Apply to be an Advanced Scholastic Trainer in the Body Altering Aesthetics industry