The National Body Altering Aesthetics (NBAA) exams serve as comprehensive assessments to gauge the proficiency and competence of aspiring professionals in their chosen educational tracks within the Body Altering Aesthetics industry.

Educational Tracks are:

  • Incisional Sciences and Technology
  • PostOp-Induration Sciences & Technology
  • Body Biomechanics (Body Contouring)



As applicants prepare to undertake these critical evaluations, comprehensive study guides and practice tests will be provided, offering invaluable resources aimed at aiding thorough preparation. These study materials are tailored to equip candidates with the requisite knowledge and understanding needed to excel in their respective areas of expertise.

Each NBAA exam is a rigorous test comprising 200 meticulously crafted questions by the CSL Therapy Organization’s Board of Examiners, specifically designed to thoroughly evaluate applicants’ grasp of the essential concepts and practical applications within their chosen educational tracks.

Types of Examinations


    • BAALEX (BAA Master Exam)

    • PSW-CLEX (PS WC Specialist Exam)

    • CSLLEX (CSL Specialist Exam)

    • DLEX (CSL Doyenne Exam)


Board Certifications

Board Certified iMedic for Incisional Sciences and Technology

Board Certified POI Clinician

Board Certified Body Contouring Therapist

Board Certified CSL Specialist

Board Certified BAA Master

Board Certified PS Wound Care Specialist


These exams are proctored and conducted within a controlled environment at designated testing centers, where applicants will have a designated timeframe of 3 hours to complete the examination. The NBAA exams are strategically structured to ensure that candidates can demonstrate their comprehensive understanding and mastery of the core principles, methodologies, and best practices vital for success within the dynamic landscape of the Body Altering Aesthetics field.

Requisites to Apply for Board Certification

To sit for a proctored exam, therapist must:


    1. Apply to become Board Certified & pay application fee
    2. Submit Specimen 1 certificate
    3. Submit Specimen 2 certificate
    4. Submit Specimen 3 certificate
    5. Submit Specimen 4 Practicum and receive a passing grade of at least 88 points
    6. Receive an approval and clearance letter for testing & schedule NBAA exam


To successfully pass the proctored NBAA exam[s], applicants are required to attain a minimum score of 80%. This achievement signifies a comprehensive understanding and application of the core principles, techniques, and protocols within their chosen educational tracks in the Body Altering Aesthetics field. Attaining this threshold demonstrates not only a solid theoretical knowledge base but also a practical application of critical concepts essential for delivering high-quality care and ensuring client safety and satisfaction. Candidates who achieve this benchmark showcase their readiness to navigate the complexities of the industry and are equipped to excel in their professional roles as certified practitioners in Body Altering Aesthetics. Passing applicants will be awarded CSL Therapy Board Certification for the Body Altering Aesthetics industry.