An ACBAA Advanced Scholastic Trainer (AST) is a CSL therapy continuing education instructor or organization that has displayed exemplary expertise adhering to the highest professional standards.

Key Components of Excellence

For over ten years, ACBAA Providers have served their community, building and providing the resources clients and healthcare professionals needed to help others. Key components of excellence ensure Certificants have access to reliable, credible, high-quality CSL therapy continuing education throughout their careers. In addition, ACBAA serves as the entity liable for approving continuing education in the postOperative and noninvasive body altering aesthetics space.

Enhance Your Expertise and Abilities

Growing providers and Board Certificant members must renew their certification every 2 years and are required to obtain credits from an ACBAA approved educational trainer within the same time frame. As more providers take classes that lack the experience and knowledge of CSL Therapy, and more specifically true POSTOP industry training, eager learners are seeking out quality courses that teach exactly what they want to know. This ensures that the top CSL therapists and bodyworkers will look for opportunities to enhance their expertise and abilities through your classes.

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This installation details the Advancing Scholastic Trainer Program for CSL Therapy. This peer reviewed process allows students to take continuing CSL Therapy courses with confidence. It also unites the industry, introducing innovative studies from the outside public for more enriched educational experiences for the overall general public.


  • What is the Advancing Scholastic Training Program

  • Real time requirements to become a CSL Therapy Advancing Scholastic Trainer (AST)

  • Application process to become an AST

  • Approval and Denial of AST

  • Establish CSL Therapy Course submission process

  • Establish Council Course Submission Review

  • Approval and Denial of CSL Therapy Course Submission

  • Identify CSL Therapy course catalog

  • Teaching directives

  • Course database maintenance

  • AST renewal

What is the Advancing Scholastic Training Program?

The Advancing Scholastic Training Program is a peer review system of CSL Therapy courses to be taught to the general public and the CSL Therapy professional audiences by pre-approved qualified educators. Peer review is the independent assessment of a research paper by experts in a respective field. The purpose of peer review is to evaluate the paper’s quality and suitability for publication.
As well as peer review acting as a form of quality control for academic courses, it is a very useful source of feedback for the trainer as well. The feedback can be used to improve a course before it is published, as well as protects the public’s interest before making under-informed investments. It serves as an alert to any errors in the body of work, or gaps in the literature that may have been overlooked.

Why else is peer review important?

Peer review is vitally important to uphold the high standards of scholarly communications, ensure the industry is growing with efficacy– wedding out misinformation, and maintain the quality of individual journals. It is also an important support for the researchers who author the papers.
Every healthcare and medical coursework depends on the hard efforts of reviewers who are the ones at the forefront of the peer review process. The reviewers are the ones who test and refine each course before publication. Even for very niche specialists, the editor can’t be an expert in the topic of every article submitted. So, the feedback and comments of carefully selected reviewers are an essential guide to lead the editor’s decision(s) on course research.

There are also practical reasons why peer review is beneficial to you, the author. Researchers consistently tell us that their final published article is better than the version they submitted before peer review. 91% of respondents to ACBAA’s Beta Course Submission program said that their last paper was improved through peer review. A Taylor & Francis study supports this, finding that most researchers, across all subject areas, rated the contribution of peer review towards improving their coursework as 8 or above out of 10.

Why the ACBAA Council?

Medical courses should be subjected to peer review before being taught to the public to ensure their accuracy, validity, and effectiveness. Members of the CSL Therapy Council have expert experience in every aspect of CSL Therapy, and embody the guiding principles needed to lead the educational space of this industry. Peer review allows other experts in the field to review the course material and offer feedback, suggestions, and corrections.

Should a course subject fall outside of the Council’s expert space, respective experts will be sourced and introduced to the Bridge Program’s Expert Review Procurement. This helps to ensure that the information being taught is current, evidence-based, and adheres to established standards and best practices in the medical field. By undergoing peer review, CSL Therapy courses can be refined and improved, and the quality of Body Altering Aesthetic medical education can be maintained.

Real time requirements to become a CSL Therapy Advancing Scholastic Trainer (AST)

Before anyone can teach a CSL Therapy course, they must first apply to become an approved Advancing Scholastic Trainer. This approval process simplifies the amount of course rejections based on scholarly quality.

What are the requirements to apply to become an AST?

The requirements to apply to become an AST are the same no matter the jurisdiction:
  • 1 Year Professional tenure in the Body Altering Aesthetic space OR at least 1 Year Professional experience in an ancillary licensed profession

  • Relevant education and experience to share

  • Knowledge and understanding of the subject matters available to be taught

  • High school diploma or the equivalent

  • Ability to pass a background check

Job Description

A Continuing Education Scholastic Trainer for CSL Therapy is responsible for creating and delivering academic programs to licensed therapists, healthcare professionals, and other qualified individuals in the field. Trainers must have extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of Body Altering Aesthetics and related fields. Trainers must be able to effectively convey complex information to a diverse group of individuals in an engaging and interactive manner.
CSL Therapy Advanced Scholastic Trainers will be responsible for developing and delivering engaging and informative educational programs, including workshops, seminars, and online courses. They must also stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in CSL therapy and related fields in order to provide the most current and relevant information to attendees. In addition, teachers must be able to assess participants’ understanding of the material and adjust the content accordingly to ensure that all attendees leave the program with a comprehensive understanding of CSL therapy.
Ideal candidates for this role will have a degree or license in their related field. They must have at least 1 year of experience practicing CSL therapy treatments and techniques, and be knowledgeable in the latest advancements in the field; as the industry is new, experience submissions aren’t linear and are up to the discretion of the ACBAA Council. Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills are essential, as well as a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge with others. Additionally, trainers must be able to travel to different locations to deliver programs deemed as “in-person academia only”.

To become a CSL Therapy Advancing Scholastic Trainer, you will need to fill out an application of the following information:

  • Professional Resume
  • Educational History
  • Professional License number
  • 200 word explanation of Body Altering
  • Aesthetic Experience
  • Basic background check
  • Professional Conduct
  • Sanction dismissal history
  • Liability insurance
  • State jurisdiction compliance
  • Training Experience

Approved applicants will receive a welcome packet, an ACBAA renewable Training License, & directives to start writing and submitting courses for approval.

Denied applicants will receive feedback and written correspondence.

Approval packet:

– License
– Welcome letter
– Official approval letter
– Instructions on submitting course
– CSL Tee shirt
– CSL Trainer directives
– Sample Course Certificate

Once you are an Advanced Scholastic Trainer, you will be able to submit courses for review and sealed approval.


  • $325 for individuals

  • $100 AST License renewal (Every 2 years)

  • $500 per new Foundational course submitted

  • $75 per Supplemental CSL CORE Course submitted