The process of becoming a licensed professional in the Body Altering Aesthetics industry is a structured pathway designed to uphold high standards of competency and professionalism among practitioners. CSL Therapy Organization, through its licensure and certificancy procedures outlined in Regulation Code CSL-2023-1LC, ensures a streamlined standardized process for healthcare professionals.


Board Certified applicants receive a clearance letter allowing them to sit for the National Body Altering Aesthetics Exam. The exam options are as follows:

  • iLEX (Incisional Lymphatic Exam) $195: For iMedics providers
  • POLEX (PostOp Lymphatic Exam) $295: For PostOp-Indur providers
  • BCLEX (Body Contouring Exam) $295: For Body Contouring providers
  • BAALEX (BAA Master Exam) $395: For Body Altering Aesthetics Masters
  • PSW-CLEX (Plastic Surgery Wound Care Exam) $495: For Plastic Surgery Wound Care Specialist
  • CSLLEX (CSL Specialist Exam) $555: For CSL Specialist providers
  • DLEX (Doyenne Exam) $777: For CSL Doyenne providers


Applicants will apply to sit for their exam at the closest testing center near them. Upon passing this exam, applicants will receive a National Certification regulated by CSL Therapy’s Governing Board. This certification grants them the authorization to work within the Body Altering Aesthetics industry, backed by legal protection and due process. This certification never expires

Subsequently, upon the legislation of licensure in their state, they can apply for state licensure, albeit with the obligation to pay any associated state licensing fee. This comprehensive process ensures professionals demonstrate competence in providing services within the industry, reinforcing professional practices and bridging gaps created by existing regulating bodies’ limitations.

NOTE: Upon successful completion of the National Body Altering Aesthetics Exam and receipt of the National Certification governed by CSL Therapy, applicants gain the legal right to practice within the Body Altering Aesthetics industry, independent of external governance by additional regulatory Boards, while awaiting state licensure legislation. This certification serves as a placeholder until licensure becomes available in the applicant’s state. It signifies a commitment to adhere to the laws, regulations, and standards of care established by CSL Therapy. While this certification will not expire before state licensure is available, it’s imperative for applicants to maintain ongoing compliance with the industry’s Standards of Care. Any negligence or noncompliance with these standards may result in the suspension or revocation of the certification.

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