Ways to Partner with Us!

  1. Join the Bridge Program (#1 option for surgeons but also open to non-surgeon health care professionals)
  2. Join our Better Medicine Professional Society (#1 option for medical beauty entrepreneurs and allied healthcare professionals)
  3. Share CSL resources quarterly to enrolled students/participants within your organization or institution
  4. Send a letter to your respective regulatory board on CSL Therapy’s behalf for endorsement and support for better medicine and change
  5. Host an event such as a walk or a fundraiser with CSL Therapy
  6. Conduct a social media video together
  7. Develop continuing education programs or professional development courses for healthcare professionals, therapists, and aesthetic practitioners
  8. Develop or enhance educational curricula related to body-altering aesthetics, ensuring that students receive comprehensive and up-to-date training in relevant areas
  9.  Feature wellness and relaxation content provided by CSL Therapy, such as guided meditation sessions, yoga videos, or stress-relief exercises, as part of your entertainment offerings to help passengers/clients unwind and de-stress during their journey.
  10.  Support CSL Therapy’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives and charitable endeavors aimed at promoting health equity, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility
  11.  Host CSL Therapy on a/your podcast; recommend them to a podcast friend or company you personally know
  12.  Record high quality educational materials to share with specifically with CSL clients, other partners, and stakeholders
  13.  Develop a patient education outreach program that promotes holistic approaches to health and wellness
  14.  Attend our annual CSL Therapy awards gala
  15.  Offer a patient advocacy program in partnership with CSL Therapy to provide complementary therapies and supportive care services to patients undergoing treatment for chronic illnesses, cancer, or other medical conditions
  16.  Establish or share a preferred provider database that includes CSL Therapy’s network of licensed and accredited therapists and practitioners
  17.  Sponsor a [monthly] giveaway of services or treatments 
  18.  Offer discounted rates or special pricing on services/treatments via a discount code
  19.  Create 12 Canva posts or other Social Media posts for CSL Therapy to share featuring facts, science based details, or research collab between our organizations
  20.  Introduce us to one of your partners
  1. Sponsor an intern for CSL Therapy for 4 months in collaboration with the Business School of your choosing 
  2. Sponsor CSL to come teach a class at your school/facility (through our 501(c)3 accrediting and advisory affiliate)
  3. Have your staff Board Certified through CSL Therapy (annual renewal)
  4. Write a journal article, publication coverage, or news coverage of CSL Therapy organization
  5. Enroll into our Advanced Scholastic Trainer (AST) Program and become licensed educators within the Body Altering Aesthetics industry (license is valid for 2 years)
  6. Create an apprenticeship with CSL Therapy
  7. Become a premium partner and sponsor different industry research efforts and initiatives (through our 501(c)3 accrediting and advisory affiliate)
  8. Donate laptops, computers, or access to software (through our 501(c)3 accrediting and advisory affiliate)
  9. Donate medical equipment or devices used in CSL Therapy classes, trainings, or course certifications to surgeons and allied healthcare professionals (through our 501(c)3 accrediting and advisory affiliate)
  10.  Offer clinical placement opportunities for students enrolled in healthcare or therapy programs, allowing them to gain practical experience under the supervision of qualified professionals
  11.  Sponsor an in-airport advertisement with CSL Therapy about surgical safety and resources (through our 501(c)3 accrediting and advisory affiliate)
  12.  Co-create branded collaborations, such as wellness-themed amenity kits, co-branded merchandise, or exclusive promotions, to offer passengers unique and memorable experiences that promote health & wellness
  13.  Create customized patient education materials, brochures, and resources for to distribute to patients and caregivers
  14.  Sponsor promotional materials to be developed for CSL Therapy stakeholders
  15.  Develop employee wellness programs for corporate clients and employer groups
  16.  Conduct clinical trials, preclinical research, or observational studies to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and mechanisms of action of integrative therapies in combination with conventional treatments
  17.  Sponsor CSL Therapy to receive your business services for 1 year
  1. Donate access to data, research, or scholarly journals relevant to the industries growth
  2. Collaborate to offer internship programs for students studying relevant fields such as various forms of healthcare, therapy, behavioral science, or aesthetics
  3. Launch an annual medical retreat with CSL Therapy
  4. Host a hospital health event or fair
  5. Develop and commercialize new products or formulations that integrate complementary therapies with pharmaceuticals
  6. Offer insurance coverage for accredited, certified, and licensed providers
  7.  Offer telehealth and remote therapy services for policyholders who may not have access to in-person therapy sessions or who prefer the convenience of virtual appointments
  8. Offer special benefits or discounts on therapy services and wellness programs, enhancing loyalty and incentivizing passengers to choose their airline for their travel needs.
  9. Certify flight attendants to care for passengers that may have had surgery, reducing liability 
  10.  Collaborate with CSL Therapy to develop in-flight wellness programs that include exercises, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness practices to help passengers stay comfortable and relaxed during their journey
  11.  Allow a CSL representative to sit in on one of your upcoming procedures (Surgeons/surgery centers only)
  12.  Have a CSL Certified specialist on staff or select staff members CSL iMed-OS certified to assist our special population clients from the general public should they come through triage with special needs (Hospitals and ambulatory response facilities)
  13.  Host educational workshops, seminars, or guest lectures at universities to share expertise, insights, and best practices in body-altering aesthetics with students and faculty members.

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