Our Mission

Our Vision

The Board of Examiners (BoE) of CSL Therapy are passionate about the mission to protect the health of the public through the intentional assessment of medical professionals. While centered on assessment of post surgical providers, this mission encompasses the spectrum of health professionals along the continuum of education, training and practice and includes research in evaluation as well as development of assessment instruments.

BoE envisions a future where health professionals in the Body Altering Aesthetics industry are equipped with cutting-edge assessment and learning tools, striving toward a higher standard of patient care on a global scale. Through developing innovative and effective evaluation methods, our vision is to enhance the capabilities of healthcare providers, ensuring they fully acquire the necessary skills  essential for delivering superior care to patients worldwide.

Our Values

  • Collaborating closely with the medical education community to fulfill assessment requirements, evaluating candidates’ skills, knowledge, and conduct.
  • Commitment to vocalize and motivate action against discrimination, racism, and intolerance, endeavoring for lasting societal change.
  • Striving to remove biases and stereotypes from our assessments, acknowledging the ongoing journey toward improvement.
  • Ensuring fairness in medical education assessments and across all stages of medical training.
  • Ensuring access to high-quality healthcare for all patients, especially underserved communities facing unequal resource distribution.
  • Providing equal opportunities for aspiring and practicing physicians to cultivate skills necessary for delivering safe and proficient patient care.



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The following principles underpin the operation of Boards of Examiners:

Principle 1: Overview

The role of the Board of Examiners is to take an overview of each modality program based on relevant educational content primarily on assessment results, and to make a final academic judgement on the appropriate outcomes.

Principle 2: Fairness

Boards of Examiners ensure that all applicants are treated with consistency and fairness, that the assessment process runs smoothly and correctly, that appropriate standards are set and maintained.

Principle 3: Baseline Education

The effective administration of assessment underpins the Body Altering Aesthetic Industry’s quality of learning and teaching.

Principle 4: Standards of operation

Boards of Examiners are conducted according to standard operational procedures & Standards of Care defined by the CSL Therapy Regulatory Governing Bureau.

Principle 5: CSL Examiner Liaison

Working within the scope of the overarching structure models and accompanying guidance, CSL accredited schools & institutions must meet CSL Board of Examiners Liaison requirements, staffing at least one Liaison personnel per school.

Principle 6: Members of Boards of Examiners and those working in support of Boards of Examiners receive appropriate support for and recognition of their role.


Comprehensive Certifications

The CSL Therapy Board of Examiners offers comprehensive Certification Programs tailored to the diverse facets of the Body Altering Aesthetics industry. These programs are designed to assess and validate the proficiency and competence of professionals operating within this specialized field. The certifications cover a spectrum of expertise, ranging from foundational knowledge to advanced techniques, ensuring that individuals possess the necessary skills and understanding to provide high-quality services.


Exam Preparation Materials

The BoE provides comprehensive Exam Preparation Materials to assist candidates in adequately preparing for their certification exams. These materials encompass a diverse range of resources, including study guides, textbooks, reference materials, practice exams, and online courses. They are meticulously curated to cover the breadth of topics and competencies evaluated in the certification exams.

The study guides offer a structured outline of the exam syllabus, breaking down essential concepts and knowledge areas that candidates need to master. Textbooks and reference materials delve deeper into specific subjects, providing in-depth explanations and supplementary information to enhance understanding.

Practice exams are instrumental in allowing candidates to simulate the exam environment, offering real-life exam questions that aid in familiarizing individuals with the format, difficulty level, and time constraints of the actual assessment. Online courses and educational resources offer interactive learning experiences, incorporating multimedia elements, quizzes, and lectures to reinforce key concepts and facilitate active learning.


Assessment Tools

These tools include test banks, questionnaires, or digital platforms used to conduct exams, assess knowledge, and measure the proficiency of candidates:

  • Standardized Examinations: Rigorous and standardized tests crafted to assess the breadth of knowledge across various domains in the body altering aesthetics field. These exams cover theoretical understanding, practical application, ethical considerations, and patient care protocols.

  • Practical Assessments: Hands-on evaluations & practicums that gauge candidates’ proficiency in applying techniques, adhering to established protocols, demonstrating proper client care, and implementing industry best practices.

  • Clinical Simulations: Immersive simulations or scenarios that replicate real-world situations encountered in the industry. They test candidates’ decision-making abilities, critical thinking skills, and responses to diverse and complex scenarios.

  • Skills Checklists: Structured checklists used to assess and document specific skills and competencies, ensuring candidates meet predefined standards and criteria in clinical or procedural tasks.

  • Performance Evaluations: Comprehensive evaluations that assess candidates’ performance over time, allowing for continuous monitoring and assessment of their progress and development in the field.


Continuing Education Programs

These programs and classes are educational opportunities aimed at enhancing the knowledge, skills, and proficiency of professionals already practicing in the field. They are designed to ensure that individuals stay updated with the latest advancements, trends, and best practices in body altering aesthetics. They include (but aren’t limited to):

  1. Advanced Workshops and Seminars
  2. Interactive Webinars
  3. Hands-On Training Sessions
  4. Online Courses and Modules
  5. Certification Renewal Programs


Consulting Services

Tailored guidance, expert advice, and strategic support to professionals and organizations seeking to enhance their practice or navigate complex challenges in the field. BoE consulting services cover a broad spectrum of areas within body altering aesthetics, ensuring comprehensive assistance and expertise.

Key aspects of these Consulting Services include:

  1. Regulatory Compliance: Guidance and assistance in understanding and adhering to Body Altering Aesthetics regulatory standards, ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines relevant to the industry.

  2. Practice Development: Customized strategies and advice to develop and optimize practices, including operational efficiency, service expansion, marketing strategies, and patient engagement to meet industry best practices.

  3. Clinical Expertise: Access to specialized clinical expertise, including advice on treatment protocols, legislative policies, techniques, safety measures, and best practices for delivering high-quality care.

  4. Business and Financial Management: Expert counsel on financial planning, revenue management, budgeting, and business development strategies to maximize profitability and sustainability.

  5. Education and Training: Tailored educational programs, workshops, and training sessions for professionals, institutions, or organizations seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in body altering aesthetics.

  6. Strategic Planning: Strategic guidance and planning assistance for long-term growth, including market analysis, competitive positioning, and strategic decision-making.

  7. Patient Experience Improvement: Strategies to enhance the patient experience, improve satisfaction rates, and foster positive patient outcomes.


Resource Materials

Extensive array of resource materials, including publications, research papers, and online references designed to serve as invaluable guidelines and references for industry professionals. These materials encompass a diverse range of topics crucial to the practice of body altering aesthetics, offering in-depth insights and knowledge that aid practitioners in delivering high-quality care.

These resources cover an extensive spectrum, incorporating comprehensive publications and scholarly papers that delve into topics such as advanced techniques in aesthetics, postoperative care, innovative technologies, safety protocols, ethical considerations, and the latest trends shaping the industry. Accessible online materials offer a wealth of information, serving as educational tools and references to aid professionals in staying abreast of emerging practices, evidence-based approaches, and evolving industry standards.

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