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What is CSL Therapy?

What is CSL Therapy? CSL (Convalescent Synergistic Lymphatic) Therapy was created in response to the negative connotation that it has become associated with the PLASTIC SURGERY industry over the last 20 years. Instead of vying to change society’s depiction of plastic surgery to acknowledge the positive aspects of the industry- along with the weighted confusion that has been created amongst surrounding medical industries reluctant to embrace this new modality- a new lane was carved and birthed to accommodate the needs of everyone involved within the BODY ALTERING AESTHETICS industry.

The CSL Therapy Mission

In an age where low level healthcare practices threatens the lives of our community, we aim to create a safe environment by emphasizing precautions, safety amongst all medical staff, quality educational trustworthy resources, and welfare of our patients. We do that by creating organization amongst the already existing cosmetic surgery community, standardizing best industry practices, striving to lower post medical errors amongst providers, writing & vetting medical courses, and empowering providers to better educate patients on how to live a healthy post-operative lifestyle.

We’re committed to being confidential, sympathetic, and approachable in our communications, techniques, and treatments. Our futures as well as our pasts inspire us to be better, push us to fight harder, and drive us to bring our best.

Why We Exist: To rekindle our patient’s lost hope.

CSL Therapy was created in response to the anarchy and confusion that wound up becoming the postoperative plastic surgery industry. CSL Therapy was coined, trademarked, and birthed in 2019 starting the process to generate cohesion and streamlined standardized practices for clients, current and future providers, and affiliates.

What is the Body Altering Aesthetics Industry?

The Body Altering Aesthetics (BAA) industry is comprised of Post-Operative massage based treatments to aid clients in healing properly after invasive plastic surgery procedures; nonsurgical body contouring using electrical and laser based machines that can be purchased without any medical licensure or prerequisite from an accrediting healthcare institution; trainings and courses to certify/accredit others in post-operative palpation care and body contouring; & midway assisted living facilities specifically catering to clients after elective treatments and procedures. These professions and treatments include: all CSL therapy modalities, CSL wound care, wood therapy, body wraps, CSL cosmetic equipment usage & protocols, & post-op recovery accommodations.


Established in 2020, CSL Therapy organization was founded by The American Council of the Body Altering Aesthetics industry (ACBAA). From there, the Alliance Liaison members worked diligently to create standardized regulations to present to congress to form the industry’s first Federal Regulatory Board. As these efforts manifest, the future of this modality will yield a State Board of Directors in all 50 states that will be maintained by the Federal Board. Every CSL Therapy competency will be regulated, monitored, reviewed, and updated annually as we plan for a better elective healthcare industry of tomorrow, today.