The American Council of the Body Altering Aesthetics industry (ACBAA) Accrediting Advisory Board is a nonprofit conglomerate of professionals that organize and oversee the CSL Therapy educational resources made available to CSL Therapists & provide unbiased insight to relevant parties of interest. Our mission is to support our state Member Boards in fulfilling their responsibilities of public protection. 

The ACBAA serves as a resource for information for current and future CSL students, a facilitator for intra and extra-industry communication, the provider of a valid and reliable licensing criteria, reviewers of quality competent educational courses, editors & executives of examination protocols, and an advisor for implementation of initiatives that improve the regulatory environment of the postoperative Body Altering Aesthetics industry, fostering and enhancing public protection.

We keep up to date with best practices in regulation by serving as a governing member of the Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards (FARB) and by being an active member of the Council on Licensure, Enforcement, and Regulation (CLEAR). We communicate regularly with our Member Boards, Advocacy Affiliates, and State Health Agencies as these best practices evolve and change.

The Council strives for the highest degree of professional service in communicating real time information with our Members/Certificants, Committees, Boards, and Agencies. We are here to work for you.

ACBAA Duties & Responsibilities

Our objectives in establishing CSL Therapy are as follows:

  • Approve & qualify trainers and courses before being released to the public, offering an. Opportunity for fair value and streamlined educational experiences for all.
  • Generate an industry culture based around licensure, science, compassion, and professional Body Altering Aesthetics (BAA) competencies: PreOp, PostOp-Indur, Incisional drainage (working with active incisions), Body Contouring, & Recovery Homes.
  • Provide a haven of educational reform where students, providers, and the general public can come and research medically backed information pertaining to the BAA Industry.
  • Establish a process to ensure client advocacy and reporting of low medical practices to state health and medical certification boards, following through investigations until resolutions are discovered.
  • Support code-enforcement of state board regulations among the Alliance Liaison members and State Director agencies in each state throughout the country.
  • Establish & employ health and safety standards for the operation of CSL care and educational facilities.
  • Create & approve educational protocols for safety, hygiene, and overall public health within the Body Altering Aesthetics industry.
  • Establish standardized exams & study guides, as well as identify continuing education courses.
  • Provide quality solutions for consumer, provider, and state around Recovery Home installations and administrations.
  • Support CSL regulation committee & Board of Directors in code enforcing, imposing fines & penalties, develop disciplinary SOP, and refer to law enforcement if deemed necessary to protect the safety of the general public around cosmetic and postoperative treatments.
  • Collect license fees, fines, & maintain licensee database.
  • Establish and Oversee the standard of care for post operative support providers following OSHA Guidelines
  • Provide client & surgeon advocacy through postoperative educational support & research; engaging the medical community to ensure best practices
  • Offer advice to the Board of Directors about determining the legal scope of CSL Therapy in each state
  • Maintain statistics on licensing issuances, denials, and discipline
  • Create Post-operative compression garment usage and protocols