What is the National Body Altering Aesthetics Competency Program?


The National Body Altering Aesthetics Competency Program is an assessment system, developed and accredited by the American Council of Body Altering Aesthetics, with a focus on gauging professionals’ proficiency in the body altering aesthetics industry. This program has gained widespread recognition and adoption by various authoritative bodies such as Health Departments, Boards of Physicians, and Departments of Labor and Licensing. It stands as a benchmark for competency, with inclusions surpassing the minimum requirements set by the Federal Department of Education.


The development of this program is underpinned by a robust scientific method, integrating principles of cognitive learning, information acquisition, and knowledge retention. Our approach is rooted in a thorough understanding of how individuals learn, process information, and demonstrate retained knowledge. Through rigorous research and testing methodologies, we’ve crafted a multi-faceted assessment strategy that caters to diverse learning styles and testing modalities, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of professionals’ competence.


This program employs a sophisticated framework consisting of nine criterion tailored to evaluate proficiency in the body altering aesthetics industry. These criteria encompass a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge essential for practitioners in this field, including but not limited to precise techniques, adherence to best practices, in-depth understanding of procedural nuances, and mastery of critical safety protocols. The program ensures practitioners have taken accredited foundational courses for their educational tracks, Gateway courses, lymphatic training, hands-on practicum, and proctored cognitive exams. Each criterion is rigorously analyzed to ascertain an individual’s expertise, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive assessment of their capabilities within the industry.

Types of Board Certification

There are two types of Board Certification for providers offering one of the 3 core modalities for the Body Altering Aesthetic Industry (Incisional Science, PosOp-Induration, Body Contouring): 

1. Individual Provider (IP) Certification

Cost: $25*

(*this does not include the cost of your National Exam) 

Note: Applicants must first apply and submit their fee. You will be given an account and a back office dashboard where you will be able to submit all 4 specimen directly to the accrediting board.

The IP Board Certification process registers your Board Certification and provides a clearance letter for you to sit for your National Exam. Your Board Certification benefits start upon submission and clearance of your 4 specimen. However to maintain your Board Certification, applicants will need to sit for their National Exam within 1 year of receiving their clearance letter.

2. Surgeon's Office (SO) Certification


  • 1 to 3 staff members: $799 per person*
  • 4 to 10 staff members: $2,499*
  • 11 to 20 staff members: $3,499*

(Staff must all work at the same facility. This group certification can include iMed-OS certifications for non providers. See SO Handbook.) 


  • Surgeon completes the SO Application & submits application fee
  • Schedule staff to take online iMedic Baseline Exam* 
  • All Staff must complete the online CSL SO iMed Post Surgical eCourse
  • Submit 3 SO Therapist Specimen:
    • CSL Precis Certificate  (1 hardcopy included and virtual accounts created for all staff at no extra cost for SO Board Certification)
    • Lymphatic Drainage Certificate: This needs to be a separate certificate than what was provided or offered through your Massage School program; those courses are introductions to the lymphatic system and do not suffice for Board Certification. 
    • Recorded Practicum

The SO Board Certification process registers your staff for iMedic Board Certification. Therapists are Certified to provide comprehensive treatments to clients from Day 1-7 PostOp. Providers who would like to create clients past Day 7 PostOp must also have an IP Board Certification. Certifications are renewed annually. 

* Providers/therapists (those who will be performing the massage treatments) must pass their iMedic Baseline Exam with 85% or higher. Should any therapist not pass the iMedic Baseline exam, to proceed with their certification, a 1-Day onsite training will be scheduled. Cost of onsite training: $699 per provider. This does not apply to office staff that will not be providing treatments to surgical clients. All staff members will be required to complete an iMed Post Surgical eCourse no matter their Baseline Exam score.

Professionals that have accomplished Board Certification have successfully undergone rigorous training, completed specialized educational programs, and acquired hands-on experience in various modalities within the Body Altering Aesthetics domain before applying to the National BAA Competency Program (NBAACP). This certification serves as an assurance to clients, employers, and regulatory bodies that the certified individual possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to offer safe and proficient services.

NonProvider (NP) Professional Board Certifications

  • iMed-OS Post Surgical Certification 
  • Pre and Peri-Op Coordinator Surgical Certification 
  • Air fight attendant Post Surgical Certification
  • Plastic Surgery Nutrition Certification 
  • Plastic Surgery Wound Care Certification 
  • CSL Triage Certification 

Board Certification Benefits

The benefits of becoming Board Certified in the Body Altering Aesthetics industry with the CSL Therapy Organization are multifaceted:


  1. Demonstration of Expertise: Board Certification showcases a professional’s commitment to excellence in the field. It represents a high level of proficiency, offering clients assurance of receiving quality services.
  2. Enhanced Credibility: Board Certification enhances the credibility and reputation of professionals within the industry. It demonstrates adherence to recognized standards and best practices.
  3. Career Advancement: It opens up opportunities for career advancement by differentiating certified individuals from non-certified peers. Many employers prefer or require Board Certification when hiring.
  4. Client Trust: Clients tend to trust Board Certified professionals more due to their recognized expertise and adherence to high ethical standards.
  5. Industry Recognition: Board Certification provides recognition within the industry, fostering networking opportunities and collaborations with other certified professionals.
  6. Legal Protection: Certified professionals receive legal protection and support from the CSL Therapy governing bureau, adding an extra layer of security and assurance.
  7. Continual Learning: Maintaining Board Certification requires ongoing education and skill development, ensuring that professionals stay updated with the latest advancements in the field.

Why Should Professionals Get Board Certified?

Are you tired of overpaying for additional insurances, constantly having to take extra classes mandated by external regulatory medical boards, and navigating through the labyrinthine bureaucracy of the health department just to operate your body aesthetics business in your state? You have a legal right to practice your craft without unnecessary hindrances. It’s time to stand up to the noise and establish your credibility in the field of Body Altering Aesthetics by pursuing board certification.

Achieving board certification is not just about meeting a standard; it’s about proving your commitment to excellence in your profession. By becoming board certified, you validate your expertise and demonstrate to your clients and peers that you hold yourself to the highest standards of body aesthetics healthcare. This certification isn’t merely a title; it’s a testament to your dedication to delivering top-notch services in the Body Altering Aesthetics industry.

Financial Relief

Board certification alleviates the financial burden associated with multiple insurances and additional classes required by external boards. It streamlines your credibility, making you a recognized professional without the need to navigate various external regulatory bodies. Board certification centralizes your authority in the field, providing you with the legal standing and recognition to operate your practice smoothly and efficiently. It also helps connect you with a community of educators so you aren’t wasting your hard earned monies on classes that won’t help you grow or that oversell their quality with fancy marketing.

Improve Patient Care

By pursuing board certification, you not only enhance your credibility but also improve patient care. It equips you with up-to-date knowledge and skills, ensuring that you’re delivering the best possible services to your clients. It’s a step towards elevating your practice to the next level and standing out in a competitive market.

Choose Healthcare Protection

When considering healthcare protection, one significant benefit of board certification in the Body Altering Aesthetics industry is the robust backing provided by a regulatory board supported by surgeons, scientific research, and a vast professional community. This certification doesn’t just validate your expertise; it also signifies your affiliation with a network of seasoned professionals who advocate for your practice and treatments. Should any external interferences arise, whether they pertain to legal issues, regulatory compliance, or other concerns, our regulatory board stands by your side. We take the initiative to follow up on these outreaches on your behalf, leveraging our collective influence and expertise to ensure that your practice is supported and safeguarded within the industry.

Don’t let the complexities of outdated medical system frameworks hold you back. Take charge of your career and professional growth by pursuing board certification in the Body Altering Aesthetics industry. It’s not just about meeting a standard; it’s about defining your excellence and ensuring that you provide top-quality care to those who trust your expertise.

Attaining Board Certification in Body Altering Aesthetics is a significant achievement that not only validates your professional expertise but also elevates the standards of care you promise to extend to all of your clients. Stand apart within the industry with Body Altering Aesthetics board certification, protection, and excellence.