CSL Precis

CSL Precis

NOTE: This course is required for all practitioners to take and pass to perform bodywork in the body altering aesthetics industry.

It is required to complete the Board Certification process.

Discover the Path to Expertise in Body Altering Aesthetics

Are you an allied health professional with a strong background in healthcare, such as mental health therapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, or experienced massage therapists?

While your knowledge and experience in healthcare are invaluable, stepping into the world of Body Altering Aesthetics requires a specialized understanding that goes beyond what you may already know. The Cognitive dissonance that arises from knowing “of” something but not “about” it can lead to unintended consequences for your clients.

"Finally! Something that makes sense in this industry!"

– Dr. Christina Garcia | Lymphedema Therapist

John Hopkins Medicine 

Introducing the CSL Precis Course, your gateway to excellence in the evolving field of Convalescent Synergistic Lymphatics (CSL) Therapy and Body Altering Aesthetics.

Accredited by the American Council of Body Altering Aesthetics & Accrediting Advisory (ACBAA), this introductory course is the foundational stepping stone that bridges the gap between your existing healthcare expertise and the specialized knowledge required for post-plastic surgical journeys.

What You'll Learn:

Industry-Specific Expertise

The CSL Precis Course provides allied health professionals with a solid foundation in the principles and practices of CSL Therapy.

Get A Competitive Advantage

Identify pain points of BAA target audiences, & connect with potential customers effectively for better results.

Fix Cognitive Dissonance

Lead with accurate information instead of confusing fad based minsfinormation common in the Sx Community.

Build On Medical Experience

Honor your previous education, protect your license, and grow your practice in this rewarding industry.

Note: The CSL Precis is required for every CSL Therapy bodywork applicant and certificant that will be applying for licensure. It’s a prerequisite for every CSL Therapy accredited course and program.

The CSL Precis is the Intro to the Body Altering Aesthetics Industry

We offer a complete course and assessment to jumpstart your professional journey, learning to apply your previous medical experience within this new emerging healthcare industry.

Scope of Practice & Standards of Care

CSL Bodywork Modalities

Governing Bureau

Lexicon Dictionary

Real Time Snapshot of the Industry

CSL Jurisprudence

Our Students’ Success Is Our Success

We’ve worked with over 2000+ Allied Healthcare professionals and significantly improved their understanding as they navigate their journeys through the Body Altering Aesthetics Industry. Carve out your success in this rewarding industry.

With the CSL Precis Course, you’ll be equipped to provide informed and compassionate care to clients seeking transformative aesthetic procedures, minimizing risks and maximizing positive outcomes. Elevate your expertise and join the forefront of Body Altering Aesthetics professionals today! 

“Never before has a course been this comprehensive in educating, and unifying the Post Surgical space.”
I've taken several classes, having to piece together all that I learned from this one book. This made moving into the elective surgical healthcare space so much easier.
Jonathan Cooper, VP at CYBERG
“We had been looking for something to teach our staff more about the industry without the fluff.”
My staff doesn't need to know about every aspect of a clients journey. This course gets right to the point, and includes aspects of the industry that took me years to learn.
Gary Torres, Manager at SS Spa
“We doubled our leads & sales within 6 months because everyone was now on the same page!”
Becauseour staff had previous trainings from so many different fields, there wasn't any streamlined information that removed the misinformation or guessing that comes from empirical data.
Gia Nelson, CEO at Bliss MedSpa

Experience the innovation of the CSL Precis Course

The CSL Precis Course is designed to bridge the gap between your existing healthcare expertise and the specialized knowledge needed to excel in this evolving industry.

While allied health professionals, including nurses, mental health therapists, chiropractors, and nutritionists, possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in healthcare, stepping into the dynamic realm of Body Altering Aesthetics requires a unique set of skills and understanding.