Titles for the
CSL Therapy Industry

Titles for the
CSL Therapy Industry

At CSL Therapy, we recognize the importance of standardized positions within the Body Altering Aesthetics industry to ensure quality care and safety for clients. Just like the massage industry has “Massage Therapists” and nursing has a range of regulated positions from CNA to NP, we have identified similar roles tailored to our field. These positions encompass various levels of expertise and responsibility, allowing professionals to specialize in different aspects of body altering aesthetics.

Whether you’re starting as an entry-level technician or advancing to become a certified specialist, each role plays a vital part in delivering safe and effective treatments that enhance clients’ well-being and confidence. Join us in setting the standard for excellence in the Body Altering Aesthetics industry.

Regulated Educational Positions:

(Incisional Only) This provider is only trained to work on clients with active incisions. This is day 1-7. They specialize in moving fluid through the system, fundamental client education, early phases of compression, dressing maintenance, surgical drain care, lifestyle shifts, and supplemental directives.

(Incisional & PostOp-indur) This provider type is well versed and has studied long enough to specialize in all CSL iMedic modalities as well as to assist clients who are day 8- week 8 competently. They have a heightened level of expertise in body presentation translations, protocol building, compression precisions, and technique execution. However, they aren’t able to work on clients after week 8 OR to address noninvasive needs as they have not ascended to that level of professional acumen; surgical clients only.

(Body Contouring only) This provider type is familiar with noninvasive body altering treatments. They specialize in using tools, equipment, and machines to help nonsurgical clients achieve lasting body results. This bodyworker type has little to no knowledge or expertise in being able to help Vet Dolls maintain their results. At no time are they able to work on Advanced Trauma dolls until the client is at least 3 months removed from their medically necessary procedure. Body Contouring Therapists are only able to work on clients that have never had surgery before.

(can do all 3) This provider type is well versed in all three core CSL Therapy modalities.

(Body Contouring & Advanced Body Aesthetic Traumas) This type of provider meets all Body Contouring Therapy prerequisites and is dually versed in Advanced Body Aesthetic Traumas inclusive of:     

  • Bariatric/Gastric Bypass
  • Fibroid Removal
  • Postpartum
  • C-Section
  • Hysterectomy
  • Mastectomy
  • Body lifts/skin removal

This provider is a specialist of wound care needs, treatments, and best practices but specifically for the plastic surgery and body altering aesthetics industry.

Founding provider that knows all CSL Therapies

Regulated Advocacy Positions:

P&P Vitae Maven

Certified CSL Medically Trained Surgery Prep Coordinator


Program certification for presurgical healthcare coordinators to educate clients, identifying comprehensive prep steps for safe & successful surgeries via accurate medical information & guidance.
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The CSL Therapy P&P Vitae Program is a comprehensive presurgical healthcare coordinator program designed to certify applicants and enrollees in educating and identifying the necessary preparatory steps for clients prior to their upcoming surgeries. This program equips participants with the knowledge and skills to ensure clients are adequately prepared, both physically and mentally, for their surgical procedures. Through in-depth training and the provision of accurate medical information, our program empowers healthcare coordinators to guide clients in making informed decisions and implementing appropriate preoperative measures, ultimately aiming to achieve optimal surgical outcomes.

P&P Vitae Maven healthcare coordinating professionals are trained to make surgical suggestions to assist clients in prepping for their upcoming procedures. Mavens are trained on best professional practices, well versed in client procedure types, and are well equipped to help clients fully prepare for their upcoming procedures. They are not to diagnose or prescribe any medications. They may make supplement recommendations that are to be approved by the clients doctor. This is a certified position.

Registered Recovery Licensee

Recovery Homeownership


CSL Therapy Recovery Homeownership program governed by the American Council of Body Altering Aesthetics Code of Regulation Edicts (CORE) for Recovery Home Ownership
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Registered Recovery HomeOwners (RRHO) operate facilities that hosts short-term guests who are recovering from plastic surgery before returning home. The facility is staffed with licensed and trained healthcare professionals who are also certified in CSL Precis. These healthcare providers provide around the clock care and postoperative resources for clients after plastic surgery procedures.

The CSL Therapy Recovery Homeownership Certification Program is a comprehensive program that certifies and licenses Recovery HomeOwners. The program follows the Code of Regulations Edicts (CORE) for Recovery homeownership- set detailed regulations for procedural, safety, and health protocols within the Body Altering Aesthetics industry. Through CORE & CSL Precis, Recovery Homeowners learn essential skills such as incident reporting, client advocacy rights, medicine storage and handling, staff compliance, advanced directives, plan of care guidance, monthly facility meal plans, extended safety measures, and knowledge of state zoning laws. The program aims to ensure that Recovery Homeowners provide a safe, professional, and caring environment for Sx guests, promoting health, happiness, and well-being.

Learn about Licensure

The current status of the Body Altering Aesthetics (BAA) industry is staggered throughout each individual state. There’s a gray area that’s established within EVERY healthcare field that yields providers working out of scope of their licensed practice, even if just a little bit, to properly care for clients in the BAA industry. CSL Therapy has established a process for professionals in the BAA industry to transition from working within these gray areas with no protection, to licensureship. Because providers have been operating from different levels prior to the execution of structured CSL Modality curriculum requirements, during the inception period, providers will be allowed to honor their experience and empirical data to sit for a structured proctored exam. Able to pass the exam? No need to enroll in the 1900+ hr programs after the Inception Period expires. Check out the road to licensure as CSL Therapy expands its coverage and protection to providers in the BAA industry.

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