Regional Directors oversee 5 regions of Body altering Aesthetics State Directors: North, South, East, West, & Midwest. Regional Directors for the territories of the CSL Therapy Organization, contribute to the development and implementation of this groundbreaking field.


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Tasks for the CSL Therapy Regional Director role encompass:

Participation in Governance: Attend monthly General Assembly meetings and engage in Quarterly Bureau board meetings as the regional representative.

Collaboration and Coordination: Review State Director submissions, collaborate with the Council, and maintain regular check-ins with the ACBAA Deputy Director for effective communication via Discord/WhatsApp.

Information Dissemination: Share pertinent CSL Therapy information with professional groups, fostering knowledge dissemination and awareness.

Stakeholder Engagement: Build and sustain relationships with educators, practitioners, legislators, and other key stakeholders, advocating for industry growth and development.

Policy Implementation: Navigate policy implementation ensuring adherence to CSL Therapy’s standards and regulatory guidelines, synchronizing with state-specific healthcare laws.

Optimization and Supervision: Make standardization suggestions for organizational optimization, supervise State Directors, empower their task completion, and maintain proficiency in State Director responsibilities.

Quality Assessment: Monitor and assess education and certification processes, addressing issues promptly and initiating internal investigations based on submitted infractions.

Reporting and Support: Provide regular updates to the Deputy Director and central governing body, facilitate training for State Directors, identify expansion opportunities, and support education outreach.

Representation and Engagement: Serve as the regional representative at Quarterly Bureau board meetings, receive accolades linked to the Director position, and engage in paid speaking engagements as a CSL representative at various events.

Meet Our Directors!

Melissa Lamb

CSL Therapy South Regional Director

Owner of Elite Bodies of Work

South Carolina, USA


Keva Pittman

CSL Therapy North Regional Director

Owner of Infinite Serenity Services

New York, USA


Jenny Chacon

CSL Therapy East Regional Director

Owner of SkinSpired Aesthetics

Florida, USA


Adriana Galarza

CSL Therapy West Regional Director

Owner of Hands For You Therapy

California, USA


Courtney Waldon

CSL Therapy Midwest Regional Director

Owner of Windy City PostOp

Illinois, USA


CSL Therapy Regional Directors within the body altering aesthetics industry serve as pivotal catalysts for progressive change, actively uniting state directors, governing bureaus, legislators, and medical regulatory boards. Our commitment to fostering collaborative relationships and strengthening connections is paramount. Our esteemed Regional Directors are enthusiastic participants, offering their expertise and insights on various platforms.

Engaging public speaking opportunities include:

  • Seminars
  • Industry Conferences
  • Panel Discussions
  • Educational Workshops
  • and Professional Symposiums

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