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Creating a community founded through core key values, data, technology, compassion, & progressive scientific unity in the Body Altering Aesthetics (BAA) industry around Incisional Sciences + PostOp-Indur + Body Contouring.

We don’t teach any classes; we regulate our defined scopes of practice; accredit the education of the BAA industry for licensed educators, provide a safe space for professionals to learn covered standards of care, Board Certify healthcare practitioners, and create a foundation of advocacy to provide clients with better medicine.

Course of the Month

Contact a Life Line

Access a list of resources and other contact information from your State Director.

Course of the Month

Contact a Life Line

Access a list of resources and other contact information from your State Director.

Become a Scholastic Trainer!

We are excited to offer the opportunity to become an Advanced Scholastic Trainer and contribute to the education of future healthcare professionals.

As an Advanced Scholastic Trainer, you will have the opportunity to teach and train healthcare professionals in the field of CSL Therapy. You will be part of a community of professionals dedicated to advancing the knowledge and skills of healthcare providers across the globe in Body Altering Aesthetics.

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BAA Proctored Examinations developed and administered by ACBAA are constantly and rigorously evaluated to keep pace with the rapidly evolving post-plastic surgery health care environment


As an approved CSL Therapy educator, you are the person BAA students look to for guidance and education, preparing them for their new role as a Body Altering Aesthetics provider and or caretaker. ACBAA provides you with professional, educational resources that will seamlessly fit into your lesson plans, course materials, and elevate students.

Policy Makers

Laws and regulations that affect CSL Therapists vary across the United States and change often. CSL Therapy educates lawmakers and health care stakeholders on issues impacting BAA regulation, providing information and resources regarding Body Altering Aesthetics policy across the country.

    • State Advocacy
    • Federal Advocacy

ACBAA encourages research that informs regulatory decisions that will progress the industry. The ACBAA conducts its own groundbreaking research on subjects as diverse as transition to practice, simulation in CSL Therapy education and the BAA workforce, as well as providing a platform for research of others that contributes to the science of CSL Therapy regulation.

    • POI Medical Case Study Journal
    • Resources for Researchers

U.S. CSL Therapy regulatory bodies, The Alliance Liaison members and the ACBAA share a common goal: protecting the public. ACBAA supports its members and affiliate bodies in their mission to assure that only competent, licensed BAA providers practice, providing the best quality care to you and your loved ones. Learn about ACBAA and what it and affiliates are doing to address issues that affect the public health, safety and welfare of the Body Altering Aesthetics industry and overall public health.


ACBAA runs events throughout the year for leaders in the CSL Therapy industry